About the Family Stress Study

The daily lives of Canadian families have been impacted by the physical distancing requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We worry about our family's well being, financial stability and overall stress levels. Our way of life has fundamentally shifted, and it is unknown how these changes and the added stress will affect our children’s health. While some stress can be good to motivate us to get things done, too much long term stress can have negative effects, especially on our youngest family members. 

Researchers at the University of Guelph and McMaster University are looking at how chronic or long-term stress affects children. We will follow caregivers and their oldest eligible child between 2-5 years old over 3 years to examine how stress in their family and home impacts their eating, activity and growth over time. 

Once a year, for 3 years, families will be asked to:

  • fill out an online health survey and complete a 1-day diet record for their child- this will take approximately 30-45 minutes

  • take measurements of their child at home with the necessary tools provided - this will take approximately 40 minutes







We may invite you to attend a health assessment in person at the University of Guelph or McMaster University in the future. Information and consent for this visit will be made available to you if it is possible to meet face-to-face.        

There is no cost associated with joining the study and families have the opportunity to receive up to $240 in grocery gift cards as a thank you for taking part! 

Participating in the Family Stress Study


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